Beautiful Essence
Beautiful Essence
Beautiful Essence

Beautiful Essence

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Receive a beautiful printed stretched canvas with an attractive scarf. 

Limited Edition 11 x 14 inch Print - "Presence"

She understands the beauty that is her…her heart, her soul, her mind, her body, her persona, her everything. And because of this her “Presence” is dynamic, she is growing and changing and fulfilling her dreams in ways that lift her Beautiful Spirit - She is You.

25 x 25 inch Artist Scarf - "Tranquil Blue"

Soft swirls and heavenly blue hues float effortlessly around the canvas. Creating shapes that live in the mind of the viewer. We perceive what we choose to perceive when interpreting a painting, or when interpreting our very selves. Like “Tranquil Blue” we are full of soft swirls and heavenly colors, we need to take a moment to understand and appreciate this. Our Beautiful Spirit calls for this recognition so that we may effortlessly share it with others. Our internal canvas changes based on our experiences, but we must never forget the beauty that we are capable of sharing, the Beautiful Spirit that is You, the soft swirls and heavenly colors that You create - first for you, then for others.

Surprise Gift from Donna Wojcik

"Inside The Circus" and "Beautiful Days" will lift your spirit in form of two simple surprise items from the artist herself.

Soul Boost

A boost to your soul resides in this meditative message with beautiful intentions. 

Through an effortless meditative exercise, you will help yourself understand and accept your intrinsic beauty and experience the benefit of it.