Intrinsic Beauty
Intrinsic Beauty
Intrinsic Beauty

Intrinsic Beauty

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Receive a lovely rolled canvas with a beautiful artist bag. 

Limited Edition 16 x 20 inch print on rolled canvas with detachable hanger "Sunflower"

There are times when the simplest things bring joy and brightness into our lives. A flower, the scent of the spring air, the smile from a stranger, the clouds as they slowly dance across the sky. “Sunflowers” make room for themselves, they understand that your eyes and Beautiful Soul will accept them as one of these simple things. They simply share their light and energy with you and they know that you are ready to accept this. They are a lot like you, full of amazing light and energy that will transform the realm of those around you.

16 x 16 inch artist bag - "Somewhere in Our Dreams"

We create our dreams, we design the landscape - create the mood - add the color. We build a story that has meaning to us because we are imaginative and creative beings. Similarly, we create the beauty in our own lives, we are intrinsically beautiful thus we add beauty to the lives of others. “Somewhere in Our Dreams” reflects our loves, our hopes, our fascinating selves. A journey that we take alone and together - a journey that reflects the strength, self-love, fearlessness and peaceful energy that is You.

Surprise Gift from Donna Wojcik

You will be reminded of your beautiful spirit when you wear this colorful creation made especially for you by the artist. 

Soul Boost

A boost to your soul resides in this meditative message with beautiful intentions. 

Through an effortless meditative exercise, you will help yourself understand and accept your intrinsic beauty and experience the benefit of it.