Strong and Accomplished
Strong and Accomplished
Strong and Accomplished

Strong and Accomplished

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Receive a colorful print and durable artist pouch.

Limited Edition 16 x 20 inch print on archival paper "One Flower"

This flower made a decision to stand alone - strong, determined and beautiful. She sets the example and the pace and invites others to join if they wish. This“1 Flower” will not wither, will not fade, will be there for as long as you wish to enjoy her Beauty. This “1 Flower” belongs to you. This painting reminds us to be grateful for the strength and Beauty that is us, as we are “1 Flower”, we are intrinsically Beautiful, strong and determined to be true to ourselves so that we may be true to others.

12.5 x 8.5 inch artist pouch - "Lot's Goin' On"

We have all been there, and may be there right now. But look closely at the person that is accomplishing all of this. Look closely at your amazing attributes, don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed with worries and stress about what needs to be done. Even though we have “Lot’s Goin’ On” it is important to stop and appreciate what you have accomplished, from the smallest to the largest achievements. A mirror will do, or just look at the girl in the painting, she represents all of us, she is colorful and aware of the existence of her Beautiful Spirit, she is You.

Surprise Gift from Donna Wojcik

Either "Blue Painting" or "1 Pear" will brighten your day from this artist surprise gift. 

Soul Boost

A boost to your soul resides in this meditative message with beautiful intentions. 

Through an effortless meditative exercise, you will help yourself understand and accept your intrinsic beauty and experience the benefit of it.